My professional career as an architect has taught me a lot about the negative effects of control, and that we can do our best preparing and delivering what we call “perfection”, but there will always be the unknown around every corner of a project, and if we hold too tight onto our beliefs and wants, we start losing our professional relationships and self-confidence.

The same echoed in every part of my life and not until I started practicing Yoga over 7 years ago, did life start to flourish. Yoga is teaching me how to let go of things I have no control of, how to connect with my authentic self and hence understand myself and the life I was born to live. It also increased my understanding of how to listen to others (not only hear) and how to extend my compassion and understanding towards all living beings.

These are the explorations that we offer our students through our teachings of Yoga. The benefits are vast; from physical practices that make us feel good living in our bodies, through emotional connections that elevate our moods and general happiness; to spiritual growth… all our students walk their own path, we are here to assist and witness their growth. 

We are both teachers and lifelong students of Yoga. We teach what we know through our own practices and experiences, and what we offer is how Yoga can help you find peace and balance in your life.